Discover, analyse and invest in undervalued real estate

We help companies find undervalued distressed properties, and all the necessary data & visualisation to participate and win the auctions.
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Auction and real-estate data in one place

Access the inaccessible
market of undervalued real-estate

Invest in undervalued real-estate, and potential to gain above average ROI
Get real-time data
from auctions
All in one app
Discover profitable
From multiple databases
View listings on the map
Make an informed decision
Receive daily notifications
Based on your preferences
Legal advisory

Your investment is
safe with us

Our legal team comprehensively evaluates every property
  • Invest from anywhere
  • Official property documentation available on platform
We are working with global leading Legal & Tax firm to help protect all investors. We do this by vetting every property we offer to investor base, and make sure the risks are minimal, and the return from rent or appreciacion has the highest upside potential.

Pricing B2C


$99 / month
  • Access daily-updated (pre)foreclosure listings, all in one place
  • Find out who owns any property and ways to reach the owners
  • Basic data available


5% / of won auction price

Full service turnkey solution

  • Vendue Tech does end-the-end process, and participates in the auction on behalf of customer.

Annual contract


/ country or asset class

Pricing B2B

Access to all the auction data from country of choice via API or a SaaS platform.

  • Tailored solution
  • Custom dashboards
  • Reports
  • Historical data
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Access beyond residential properties

Experience the future of investing

Vendue Tech is evaluating from over 1,000 undervalued properties, and offering
our users the ones with best returns.
Get started by investing as low as €999.