Make the right invesment decision

Get insights from latest auctions and real-estate data

Make passive income from undervalued 

real-estate rental, and appreciation.

  • 1. Browse & Select Property
  • 2. Commit your funds
  • 3. Wait for the auction outcome
  • 4. Earn Income & Appreciation

1. Browse & Select Property

Browse through the latest distressed opportunities

2. Commit your funds

Determine how much money you want to invest

3. Wait for the auction outcome

Vendue Tech goes through the whole auction process for your selected property

4. Earn Income & Appreciation

Earn your share of net rental income and property value appreciation

See the auctions in real-time

As we are tracking thousands of auctions, it’s important to keep track where each auction is in terms of price, market rate, value, deadlines, have access to relevant documentation, see the interest from other investors.

Build your profile

Multiple investment preferences

  • Co-invest with others
  • Buy your own real-estate
  • Invest in Vendue Tech fund