Pioneering research on public data

We believe our research will eventually lead to unified public  system that will solve human-level problems. Building transparent and beneficial platform for all, is our mission.
"In the dynamic landscape of AI evolution, our mission centers on the synthesis of diverse data layers. Through this approach, we aspire to construct an intelligent platform that not only solves crucial problems but also becomes a catalyst for societal advancement on a grand scale."

Ivan Livić
CEO, VendueTech

Focus areas

Building sophisticated tools for market analysis, utilizing data-driven insights to provide accurate property valuations and empowering users with informed decision-making.

Developing intelligent energy management systems tailored for distressed properties, optimizing resource usage and minimizing environmental impact.

Research index

Using LLMs for reading, transforming, and understanding the data from public official data sources related to public auctions
Community, Research, Computer Vision, Responsible AI, Language
Recommender system and Ranking algorithms for auctioned real estate properties.
Community, Reinforcement Learning, Research
Auction dynamics and accessibility. How to evaluate whether or not an auction is successful? What explains the disparities between the market price and the auctioned price? What are the differences between the dynamics in different types of auctions? How can we make auctions more accessible to individuals without large amounts of capital?
Research, Community, Responsible AI
On the legal side, what policy changes could be proposed to improve and democratize the auction system?
Economic impact of the auctions, and improving the auctions. Robustness to different market environments.
Security and privacy issues related to the auctions.
AI, data privacy, Responsible AI

Alleviating the impact of the corporate and personal bankruptcies on the parties involved, achieved end prices. Improving economic stability.
Using 80 million data (energy bills, electricity, gas, water consumption, property parameters) points from 16,000 public buildings to research models for energy efficiency, energy models.
Sustainability, Economic

Recommender system and Ranking algorithms for emerging countries, underdeveloped cities, and property managers to improve their energy profile.
Sustainability, Economic